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From: Cheiron (
Date: Tue 20 Jun 1995 - 10:04:31 EEST

>  - In regards to Sog City and USC:

>>That leads me to another question. What were the general outcomes
>>of the LARP How The West Was One games?

> In the RQCon2 version, clearly the most important event was the success of the Vice Chancellor Pelinorius Staarki in founding the School for Business Studies and the Performing Arts.

Incorrect. The most important event of the Seventh Ecclesiastical Council was election of an Hrestoli Idealist candidate to the office of Grand Ecclesiarch, through the diligent and noble efforts of the Watchdog Council of the Hrestoli Idealist Church. The efforts of the WDC in converting both the Grand Ecclesiarch and the True Hrestoli Ecclesiarch to New Hrestoli Idealism guarenteed the unity and success of Malkionism in its crusade against the Empire of War and the evil Rokari splitters (and thoroughly redeemed them from that unfortunate tapping incident.)

Jurgen Merriman, Chairman, WDC

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