Con Transcripts

Date: Tue 20 Jun 1995 - 17:28:55 EEST

Nick asks about the when the next batch of convention transcripts will be available.

I've just sent Kevin Jacklin the finished (apres Greg look-over) Convulsion '94 transcripts. He said he was making making them "high priority," and that we "can expect to see something in the not too distant future." :-) Yaaaay!

For those of you wondering what Lore Auction it was that Nick was quoting from, it's the one from Convulsion. So no, you're not missing a new RQ product. At least, not yet! ;-)

On the RQ Con 2 stuff, five of the six transcripts are complete. I'm hoping to be done with the last one in the next week or so, and then I'll send 'em all on to Eric and Shannon.



PS: David Camoirano, please email me!!

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