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Date: Wed 21 Jun 1995 - 08:44:37 EEST

D. Schubert asks:

> Does anyone have information on Sartarite/Orlanthi wedding
> practices/marriage contracts or where I could find out such info?

The best "legal" source is King of Sartar p.242f, but this is rather dry and technical information. The best descriptive source is still Cults of Prax p.111, including an ancient Orlanthi marriage-poem. If you can't get to see either of these, say so and I'll post the details here (though I'd hope KoS is still in the shops: it is here!).

Peter Metcalfe:

> I really thought of the Red Goddess's Runes as using the raw power of chaos
> to heal the wounds of the Earth incurred during the Gods War. Equivalent
> to, say, growing a tentacle to replace a severed arm...

"I took a wound at the seige of Boldhome, and my comrades all thought I'd die, until a Seven Mothers priestess healed me by casting Regrow Limb. Trouble was, it was a head wound. Now everyone looks at me strangely, and the oddest people call me their 'Chaotic Brother' and invite me to their weird parties. It's all getting me down. So I'm off to the legendary Maidstone Mountains, here in the top left corner of the map, to see if I can find other people like me..."

Sheng still has nothing to do with Den Xi, of course (prat). But he does get a prior career, with Kralori connections.


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