Most important event

Date: Wed 21 Jun 1995 - 11:17:18 EEST

>  - In regards to Sog City and USC:

>>That leads me to another question. What were the general outcomes
>>of the LARP How The West Was One games?

Not surprisingly, given the level of corruption in Sog, the already damned Merriman got it wrong too:
The most important event of the RQ Con 2 version of the Seventh Ecclesiastical Council was that, after the death of the Holy Notslor, the damned Hrestoli illegally readmitted the Lunar Arrolians that were expelled according to Notslor's dying words, and then made a Lunar agent the "head" of their schismatic church! Luckily, the strength of the true faith of Rokar was such that it enabled us to retain the purity of our faith, and not succumb to the wiles that brought down the less pure Hrestoli! Thus, we Rokari separated
ourselves from the corrupted ones, and will finish the Seventh Council where the Sixth did its good work, at Leplain, far from the corruptions of Brithini and Lunars and misguided Hrestoli!

Theoblanc the Pious, Ecclesiarch.

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