The Light of Solace

From: Cheiron (
Date: Thu 22 Jun 1995 - 09:08:49 EEST

In response to the comments of Theoblanc the so-called Pious
>the already damned Merriman got it wrong too:
>The most important event of the RQ Con 2 version of the Seventh
>Ecclesiastical Council was that, after the death of the Holy Notslor,
>the damned Hrestoli illegally readmitted the Lunar Arrolians that
>were expelled according to Notslor's dying words, and then made a
>Lunar agent the "head" of their schismatic church! ... we Rokari
>separated ourselves
>Theoblanc the Pious, Ecclesiarch.

I would never be so bold as to call someone damned. Such judgements are those of the Invisible God only and no mortal should presume to usurp His Justice. And if the reports of Theoblanc's own Inquisition are to be believed (and I found them a brutal but reliable bunch) Theoblanc should have more care for his own soul. More than one Rokari has called him an "oyster-eater" within my hearing. And while I would never accuse anyone of such reprehensible behavior, if I _were_ accused of such a thing, I would take a long and hard look at my conscience. I pray you may find Solace in the true teaching of the Prophet.

As for the Grand Ecclesiarch, it is true that he was formerly a Lunar citizen. In fact, he was reprehensibly tortured and brainwashed by the godless Lunar heathens to be used as a mouthpiece for their corrupt doctrine. However, the light of the true faith shone on him, and he was cured of the ills inflicted on him by the Pelorians. His embracing of Hrestoli Idealism, his saintly nature, his forgiving spirit, and the fact that he is a direct decendant of the last Grand Ecclesiarch made him an overwhelming choice for Grand Ecclesiarch, the only candidate personally endorsed by every other legitimate Ecclesiarch of Malkionism.

As for the comments of Soren, son of Peter...
>I wasn't too thrilled with the New, Improved Loskalm though; The
>Council, where your new slogan or doctrine ("Forward, ever Eastwards")
>will be submitted for approval. State Orphanages, filled with blond,
>blue-eyed boys singing the praise of the Idealist State. Muscular
>Hrestolism - rowdy youths (no doubt dressed in brown shirts) parading
>though Sog City, waving banners and shouting patriotic slogans - yuk!
>Still, a very informative issue and a good read. Thanks to David Hall
>and the rest of the guys for their good work. Nice one!
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"May the Eternal Light of Solace Shine upon us all."

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