Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #325

From: Photography AVC (
Date: Thu 22 Jun 1995 - 11:43:07 EEST

> Peter Metcalfe:
> > I really thought of the Red Goddess's Runes as using the raw power of chaos
> > to heal the wounds of the Earth incurred during the Gods War. Equivalent
> > to, say, growing a tentacle to replace a severed arm...
> "I took a wound at the seige of Boldhome, and my comrades all thought I'd die,
> until a Seven Mothers priestess healed me by casting Regrow Limb. Trouble was,
> it was a head wound.

Sorry this may have been meant for the rules digest: I thought you could only cast regrow limb on a limb eg legs or arms

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