life & death

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Thu 22 Jun 1995 - 19:33:00 EEST

Howdy all,

David Cake comments that the Pelorians would have the biggest problem putting life and death in the same cult. I don't agree. To me they seem far more mystical than Theyalans.

 From the Naverian myth descriptions I encountered in the Broken Council write-up, Naverian priestesses in the first age seemed to think that a society needed a healthy mix of both, and were willing to provide both. (Through birth and sacrifice, according to the myths.)

As for the Alkothi/Yelmic/Shargashi view, (quite possibly not kosher in Yuthuppa):

"Ah, you Heortlingers see things too much one or the other. Like Humakt -
your killing god. He allows no life dances!
"The people of the Firey Fathers and the Spinner of Life know that life and
death always turn around each other. This is thanks to the powerful magic of the Almighty Godfather, who conquers Death and turns it back into Life.  Now life and death are simply steps in the Dance of Renewal. Alaric and Argalant just needed to be......, um....., well, how about some more beer?"

Avivash the Foreigner, trying to console his Orlanthi companions (in broken Sartarite) at one of the many large funeral bashes thrown in New Pavis, 1617.


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