California, Berlin and Pent

Date: Fri 23 Jun 1995 - 13:57:35 EEST

Hi everybody, especially all of you in California,

it's time for my semiannual delurk, again mainly to scout out people to visit. I will be attending a conference in Santa Barbara, July 11-15, and would very much like to spend some extra time in California following that period. So, if you live around there and are interested/willing to have me stay over a couple of days, talk, play, admire whatever you're proud of in your area, etc., send me a note: (please ASAP, since I have to book flights soon; I am horribly delayed already because the university sent me approval for my trip only today)

But now I'm writing anyway, I want to agree wholeheartedly with everybody praising RQCon Berlin. On behalf of the Dutch attendees (all 3) I want to thank the organizers for a fun weekend. Heroes of Wisdom (the LARP) suffered somewhat from the weather and a lack of GMs, but still worked out really well. Trollball brought several spectacular innovations: bribable referees, water balloon projectiles from the crowd and, following their lead, water enhanced heal spells. Add to these programmatic items a very friendly and enthusiastic crowd and you may safely conclude that we'll be there again next year. Watch this space for an announcement of a video tape report (short but action-packed).

And finally, to keep up the illusion that this is the Glorantha Digest, a strange theory and request for reactions: I have suggested in the past that we look more closely at names. Now there are two names which are rather similar: Sheng Seleris and Shang Hsa (mhnbc). The second might name well be the Kralorelan version of the first. The three main explanations are:

  1. Pure coincidence.
  2. Yes, these this is one and the same guy and the dating of Emperors should be heavily revised.
  3. Yes, these this is one and the same guy. The dating of Emperors is correct. Argrath's retrieval was the second one. Somebody already did it once before. But who and why? So, tell me which explanation I should choose. Or which even better one you can find.

Hans van Halteren (

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