A Sinner Repents

From: Soren Petersen (petersen@inet.uni-c.dk)
Date: Fri 23 Jun 1995 - 13:11:40 EEST

Blimey, I didn't expect the Loskalmi Inquisition...

>Your expression of your ideas and concerns is appreciated and will be
>evaluated by the WDC for Doctrinal Soundness. Please note that the
>new, improved Comfy Chair has been proven safe and effective when
>properly administrated.

NO, NO! Not the Comfy Chair! I Repent, I Repent!


[After several pokes with the dreaded Soft Cushion]:

Yes, yes, I see the Truth now....gasp...Loskalm is the best p-p-possible of all places to live! Long live the State!...wuurgh..

Nick Brooke:
>Just to make it clear, I do *not* think the Kingdom of Loskalm described
>in Tales #13 would be a wonderful place to live. But I do think it's a
>practical description of how Glorantha's most implausible "Lawful Good
>Kingdom" might actually work, and far more fun to play in than a po-faced
>conversion where you *don't realise* that you're in a land full of pig-
>headed extremist idealist loonies who think they're the best thing since
>sliced bread.

I see your point. It was just a bit too... heavy-handed for my taste. I couldn't present your version of the Hrestoli Idealist State to my players with a straight face, that's for sure. Nope, some tweakings are in order. Hmm, come to think of it, Cardinal Fang and his Comfy Chair isn't such a bad idea... :)

>Anyway, I'm glad you liked the issue! There should be less of a wait
>before Tales #14, the Praxian Special...

"Thank Mostal we won't have to wait as long as between issues 37 and 38!" [Fenderbender, Iron Dwarf and proud inventor of the Armour of Infinite Damage]

Peter Metcalfe:
>Strictly speaking Arlaten's a mere clerk according to SiP. They may not
>have the same strictures.

Nice try, but too little, too late - one huge, bushy beard coming up!

Cheers..[poke] - Oh, um, sorry - er - Hail Loskalm!

Soren Petersen

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