Runes and Loskalm

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Date: Fri 23 Jun 1995 - 18:35:27 EEST


I feel that whilst it is great fun to play God Learner and to dabble with the concepts of Universal Runery, in fact most cultures will use a very different set of runes altogether. If you are quite Runic you might interpret common threads, but that is just a GL blasphemy.


I liked the Loskalmic write up in ToTRM. It showed a touch of Nick's obsession with 20th century ideological dictatorships, but what the heck, it's a view that adds a nice edge.

I feel that Nick did a very very good job in producing a write up that allowed one to play a fantasy society imbued with Loskalmic virtue, or several of the alternatives that lie between virtue and the wonderful Lawful Evil Rokari.

One thing I have noticed about Loskalm is that Nick talks of Happy Nazis, I think a better parallel is 1950's USA. Egalitarian philosophy, meritocracy, distinct difference between theory and practice. Much better than the Nazis as the analogue. Watchdog Council = McCarthyism. Can Isuggest a lord with more than a passing resemblance in looks and practices to a certain R Nixon?

"Remember children, Loskalm is the Land of Opportunity, not like the repressed old Rokari with their hidebound customs, or the evil Red Empire with their corruption of all that is good and true. Of course Lord Eisenhower will look after us, even if Knight McArthur does have to cast a thermonuclear spell all over Ralios. Can't let the Reds destabilise our backyard..."

No no no aaaargh!

Is the flag of Loskalm a blue/red/white thing with stripes and stars? Of course it is...

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