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Date: Sat 24 Jun 1995 - 10:40:22 EEST

Peter Metcalfe claimed

>So the Dara Happans clearly see the two triangles as opposed runes
>(rightside up = Order, upside down = Disorder/Irrationality, etc IMO)
>which is something not recognized by the Malkioni.

The fact that both use a triangle is surely a coincidence. How many regular three-sided shapes are there?

>The Humathi of Ralios and the North War Wind of
>Pent are somewhat more liberal with ressurection as well as being more

I don't agree with the former, if only because Humakt is such a popular cult, and I want to have the tradeoff. Also, it seems reasonable that a certain amount of commonality exists (and in truth, resurrection magic is rare enough that it doesn't really matter). I admit it's equally reasonable that differences exist, and this could well be one.

I give Humath the Air rune (and the title North War Wind), but so far I haven't given him any air rune spells. Perhaps he should get Lightning from his brother Orlanth (or even provide it to Orlanth -- currently I have him providing Truesword and Oath; Orlanth gives him Thunderbolt).

>Bijiif is the
>odd god out being 'important only internally to the Yelmic Religion'?

Sure, just like She Who Waits doesn't really get worship from the Lunars.

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