RQ 4 Draft, Parlainth and FAQ

From: Soren Petersen (petersen@inet.uni-c.dk)
Date: Sat 24 Jun 1995 - 20:36:03 EEST

Sandy Petersen on Regrow Limb:
> See, my child, how the power of the Red Goddess surpasses all
>previous deities, and see how in this man her might is made
>manifest for all to behold.

Oh, my gawd! First Nick Brooke is seduced by the Empire of Foulness, and now Sandy has succumbed as well. Is it contagious or what?

Anyway, that's beside the point (tho' somebody really ought to chop their heads off to teach them proper Orlanthi Ways). Cursed with a dreadful case of hayfever, I'm spending most of this fine summer evening sitting inside, so I might as well post something to the Digest:

Thinking back to Pam Carlsons letter in the Digest #311 about Star Captains, Polaris, Monitors and other such strangeness - some of you lucky people out there obviously has access to the latest RQ 4 draft, while most of us haven't. This is of course very annoying for us lesser mortals.

(Oliver Jovanovic, Michael McGloin - are you reading this?)

Since I doubt we'll see RQ 4 in the shops for at least a year, how about posting some snippets of information from the draft to satisfy our curiosity?

I'm not talking about posting whole sections of the rules or dozens of new Sorcery spells. What I really would like to see is some of the new Gloranthan/cultural stuff - like a condensed writeup of some of the more useful cults (Hwarin Dalthippa springs to mind). Just the bare bones (capsule format, if you like): worshippers, skills, duties, cult magic etc. Every little tidbit would be nice, really.

Would this violate the dread Khoppi Rites?

I doubt that this would ruin sales of RQ 4 as I will still dutifully buy a copy of *anything* new related to Glorantha, as I'm sure most of you will.

Speaking of Khoppi Rites, have any of you seen the supplement "Parlainth - the Forgotten City" for EarthDawn? I borrowed a copy from a friend and looked it over - very nice, but it did give me a weird feeling of "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt", though :)

It's basically about a ancient city way out in the wilderness. The city (25 square miles of ruins) is crawling with hidden monsters and brimming with treasure. Nestled outside the walled city is a smaller, newer city, where adventurers and fortune-seekers gather. Safe passage to the ruins can be arranged (for a price). Remind any of you old-timers of anything yet?

Short question: Wasn't there talk of a FAQ for this Digest a while ago? What happened to that project? Did it get Gregged :)


Soren Petersen

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