The Comfy Chair

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Date: Sat 24 Jun 1995 - 23:04:33 EEST

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my copy of TALES #13 yet, but from the mocking of Peterson, it sounds like the TALES bunch did not include a write up of the Comfy Chair. Sad. Personally, I feel that the Comfy Chair (created for the "How the West Was One" LARP) is quite possibly the key to understanding the Brookesian vision of Loskalm. I'd like to rectify this oversight. (For anyone planning on playing HTWWO in the future, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs, it could spoil the fun.)

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT The Loskalmi Comfy Chair (not to be confused with the Rokari "Comfy Chair" which is anything but Comfy) is a practical application of the innovative sorcery spell "Relaxational Throne." It's a large overstuffed chair, enchanted in such a way, that when active, anyone sitting in it is quite immobilized, surrounded in extreme comfort. The operators then mentally link the subject with a small non-sentient man-like puppet called the Sympathetic Homunculus. Through sorcerous amplification and "sympethetic vibrations," the subject in the chair feels whatever the Homunculus feels, with an increased degree of sensitivity. Thus, the Homunculus can be tortured, delivering intense, yet non-damaging, feelings of pain to the subject. Properly administered, the Comfy Chair (CC) induces cooperation in even the most recalcitrant subjects.

The things to remember about the CC are:

  1. No permanent harm is done to the subject, thus allowing the operators to circumvent the Loskalmi doctrine *not to harm* fellow Hrestoli through use of sorcery.
  2. The Chair is intended only as a last resort. The WDC prefers to use a sorcerously inhanced form of dualistic psychological interogation jocularly known as the "Mister Nasty/Mister Nice" method.
  3. In the HTWWO run in San Francisco, the WDC field tested a new and novel approach which proved most effective for inducing the cooperation of subjects: substituting torturing the Homoculus with giving it drugs, getting it drunk, and sexually stimulating it. This innovation, proposed and empirically validated by Igora Cleanhands, an SCU medical student and WDC employee, proved highly effective. To quote directly from Igora's research notes: "Many of the subjects (and that is apt as they were subjected to our will) were only too glad to be in the palm of our hand. The university must study further the effects of addiction and the anomaly of being a *coke whore* where the willing exchange of information for stimulation was quite enlightening." Igora's innovation had the added side benefit of being environmentally conservative (particularly toward the homoculus).

All of which illustrates the single _most_ frightening thing about the New Hrestoli Idealists, the Watchdog Council, and the Kingdom of Loskalm... THEY MEAN WELL.

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