those pesky diametrically opposed rune thingies

From: Scott Haney (
Date: Sat 24 Jun 1995 - 22:52:48 EEST

I lurk too much. I admit it. And so, in penance, I throw this into the works to see if it is a monkey wrench....

Krarsht has the 'hunger' rune, which is obstensibly also the rune of the undead. Undead? Neither live nor dead? And lo! it suddenly seemed to me that the hunger rune looked very much like the death rune imposed upon the life rune.

So I started to wonder if perhaps it was not a coincidence that there are six types of chaos and six pairs of power runes. (I'm assuming tha the communications rune has an opposite of some sort...silence, maybe?) So I started working on combining the powers to make up the Six Types of Chaos.

The first, of course, is the Hunger rune, which combines life with deach (which is not the same as believing that death is a part of life).

The second one I came up with was Betrayal, which would combine Truth and Illusion, but I never did get a rune I liked out of it. The best was something like the biomedical contamination symbol.

I'm still working on the rest.


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