Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #327

From: Bryan Maloney (
Date: Sun 25 Jun 1995 - 00:00:32 EEST

> And let me just have a brief rant against the idea that a cultures
>central philosophy must be uniformly represented in all aspects of that
>culture. Cultures are not homogenous! Saying that the Kralorelans don't
>'recognise' a concept because it isn't in complete accord with the sayings
>of its mystics is silly. There is a great deal of diversity within a
>culture as well.

Especially in Kralorela. Heck, there could be a complete incorporation of the Theyalan runic system into the Kralorelan system already, it is administered by the August Celestial Storm-Voiced Senior High Grand Master of sumthinerother, I'm sure. In fact, I might even venture to posit that the precise title of this official, who is also in charge of handling the religious needs of the rare Theyalans who need to be escorted out of the realm, might be something like this:

His most August Majesty, the Speaker of Storm-Voiced Law, who Brings Light along the Sought Path, Comforter and Protector, Foe of Chaos, Keeper of the Sword that is Straight, the Trade Wind Lord Sage.

There are many acts of virtue, but three are the greatest:

To engender love where there is hate.

To bring understanding where there is ignorance.

To really slam some clueless git in grand style.

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