Wyrms Footprints

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Date: Sun 25 Jun 1995 - 12:49:56 EEST

G'day all,

Wyrms Footprints

Those of you who ascribe to the Mostali predictive theories as described by Eric Rowe in the Digest recently will have known that when Reaching Moon Megacorp said "Wyrms Footnotes" was due out 'in September', we were of course referring to September using the Julian Calendar. Anyway, it's finally out, and it's damn fine; in fact the best thing we've produced so far.* I would go as far as saying it is an *essential* item for any Glorantha fan, containing as it does 115 pages of best of the long-out-of-print 'Wyrms Footnotes' *and* (for those of you who own dog-eared copies of this ancient mag) lots of previously unpublished material as well. Even better, it's packed with sensational artwork by Dan Barker, William Church and others, some of it a little bit rude.

   *Though I always thought our never-released 'Hunks of Reaching Moon     Megacorp' Swimsuit Calendar was pretty good too, even though the     shot of David frolicking on the beach at St Tropez wearing just a     thong was a little lewd for my tastes.

Dave's already given you his sales pitch, so I'll just briefly add here that antipodeans who want to get a copy can order it from me for $25.00 + $2.65 postage.

Also available:
*Broken Council Book - $16.95 + $1.50 postage
*Sog Uni Guide - $18.95 + $1.50 postage
*RQ Con Compendium - $15.00 + $2.65 postage
*Jar Eel Assassin t-shirt (L & 'standard gamer' XL) - $30 + $2.65 postage
*Lunar Coin: $10, includes postage
*Back Issues, #10 (Sea), #11 (Pamaltela), #12 (War): $6.50 + $1.50 postage
*3 issue subscription: $21.50, includes postage

**RQ Con Down Under Foundation Subscription: $25.00**

Coming Soon from Reaching Moon Megacorp (please use Mostali predictive theory to ascertain precise dates):
*Issue #13 - The West (out in the UK, due soon down here)
*The Best of Tales #1-#4+#6
*Harrek the Beserk anatomically correct Action Figure

All prices are quoted in lurid, plastic Aussie dollars. Please make cheques payable to me, "Michael O'Brien".



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