Limit for learning divine spells?

From: Cedric Chausson (
Date: Mon 26 Jun 1995 - 14:47:39 EEST

  Bonjour everybody,

  First of all, thanks to Loren for maintaining the archive, it is really great. I wanted to go through them before first posting, it has been an entertaining, if a bit long read.

  RQ3 (I think that is the version of the rules which was translated in French) says that priests can sacrifice for reusable divine magic. It says in order to get the spell back the priest has to meditate in a temple for a certain period of time(which was something like a day or so as I do not have my rulebook with me, I do not remember exactly).
  But there seems to be no limit to the number of times the priest an meditate to get the spell again and again.

 I have been thinking about not allowing priests to have a total of spell points superior to his POW. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? I apologize if this has been discussed already and I passed over it in the rules digest.

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