Wood Lords; Codex #1

From: Neil Smith (NSMITH@dmu.ac.uk)
Date: Mon 26 Jun 1995 - 17:58:57 EEST

I've an Aldryami character well on her way to Wood Lady status. As a sign of her commitment, she's decided to take the relevant vows early. This poses a problem, as they appear to be contradictory.

Firstly, the cult writup (paraphrased from both CoP and Elder Secrets) says for Wood Lords, "Never kill a living thing except in defence of yourself or your forest." The next sentence says, "Destroyers of living things must be eliminated at source; Wood Lords lead these expeditions."

Are these really contradictory, or do the Aldryami have a rather liberal and proactive definition of "self-defence"? If the former, how do they cope? If the latter, how far can they go? Can they just go out and slaughter nearby trolls on the offchance that they might, sometime, attack the woods? Or do they have to taunt the trolls into attacking first? How about a ZZ Death Lord that surrenders after razing several acres of woodland? A Humakti in the same position, after an Oath of surrender?

I'm confused...

And, speaking of goldfish,

As I understand it, Codex #1 is no longer officially available. If I'm wrong, someone please tell me. Assuming I'm right, is there a kind (preferably UK-resident) soul out there that could supply me with an unofficial copy?



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