Trollkin heroquesters

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 27 Jun 1995 - 09:01:01 EEST

>The PCs also met possibly the only Trollkin HeroQuester in Gloranthan
>history, Master of the Five Demons

        Not true! Someone from the Chaosium house campaign will be able to tell you more about Neep Trollsbane, a trollkin, who if not a heroquester, was at least among the most famous trolls of the Dragon Pass region in the Third Page (and pretty tough).

        In any case, the troll view on the question probably differs from a human view - because according to the trolls, any trollkin that is good enough to heroquest is probably also at least an initiate of KL, and so officially a troll rather than trollkin.

        I also had a trollkin PC once who had fond ambitions of heroquesting, but he never quite made it. He never died, though (player moved interstate) so he is still out there somewhere.




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