Opposed (Opossum?) Runes

From: Scott Haney (scotty@olivia.cedar-rapids.ia.us)
Date: Mon 26 Jun 1995 - 23:42:28 EEST

Peter Metcalf:

& Which it indeed is: Cults of Terror from RQII.
Ah. Don't have a copy of CoT. I have LoT.

& >The second one I came up with was Betrayal, which would combine Truth
& >and Illusion, but I never did get a rune I liked out of it. The best
& >was something like the biomedical contamination symbol.
& . . .
& Why not: \ / or | ?
& . | . / \
& .

Two reasons:

	I didn't think it looked that great when I drew it (I am cursed
	to forever fumble Art rolls);

	It looked like a fancy combination of Light and Truth rather
	than Illusion and Truth. (But then, maybe that means that 
	Solanthos et al in Sun County are all closet Krarshti....)

& And less anybody accuse me of inconsistency in light of what I said
& above, I've put on my God-Learner hat (so there! Pbbbtt!)

Made expressly for the God-Learners by Tilley Hat Ltd, so you know it's made to last! :)

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