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Date: Tue 27 Jun 1995 - 17:24:00 EEST

>I've an Aldryami character well on her way to Wood Lady status. As a
>sign of her commitment, she's decided to take the relevant vows
>early. This poses a problem, as they appear to be contradictory.
>Firstly, the cult writup (paraphrased from both CoP and Elder
>Secrets) says for Wood Lords, "Never kill a living thing except in
>defence of yourself or your forest." The next sentence says,
>"Destroyers of living things must be eliminated at source; Wood Lords
>lead these expeditions."

Trolls by their very nature are part of the Taker and therefore, destroyers. They need to be killed where ever they are found, but do not forget that they too can serve the forest in a nutritional manner. Remember that everyone that enters the forest will serve Aldrya in some form or fashion. If they are friends then they will spread the word and the seeds. If they are not friends then they will make the trees grow tall and green. Be sure to kill them quickly before they have a chance to hurt the forest. Don't worry, the screechers will lead you to them.

>The PCs also met possibly the only Trollkin HeroQuester in Gloranthan
>history, Master of the Five Demons(formally Master of Six Demons and
>originally Master of Seven) Basically he's a superior trollkin who got
>dragged on a HeroQuest by his mother, a Dark Troll priestess. I think
>having to sacrifice one of your children to a group of demons is a
>fairly reasonable bargain to a Troll. She made a mistake and got eaten
>instead and now the Trollkin has one time only services owed him by
>several demons. He used one demon to get out of Hell and summoned
>another demon to track down an escaped slave for the PCs. Which wasn't
>quite what the PCs had expected.

You have forgotten Ralph Salad, escaped food trollkin:) He is the only trollkin ever to take part in an event in the Garhound contest. He went on to walk the Heroplanes as an enemy to Dark Trolls and friend to trollkin everywhere.

        Bryan Maloney is presently writing up the cult of Ralph Salad, He Who Was Not Eaten. Lay members and initiate trollkin are taught to taste good and learn very little of Ralph while the Rune Lords learn the skills of Dodge,Hide,Sneak,Acting,Run, and Craft/Troll Tactics and basically learn not to be eaten. His Runes are Darkness, Mobility, and Illusion.

Ralph Salad--"Just stand right here, I have to go check on something, I'll be

              back in a second <grin>"

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