Elves, TakenEgi and Runes.

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 28 Jun 1995 - 03:19:33 EEST

Neil Smith:

Spoke of Wood Lords:

>Firstly, the cult writup (paraphrased from both CoP and Elder
>Secrets) says for Wood Lords, "Never kill a living thing except in
>defence of yourself or your forest." The next sentence says,
>"Destroyers of living things must be eliminated at source; Wood Lords
>lead these expeditions."

>Are these really contradictory, or do the Aldryami have a rather
>liberal and proactive definition of "self-defence"? If the former,
>how do they cope? If the latter, how far can they go?

Simple rule of the Thumb. Living things which have killed others (preferably Aldryami) are no longer living. (IMO naturally)

>Can they just
>go out and slaughter nearby trolls on the offchance that they might,
>sometime, attack the woods? Or do they have to taunt the trolls into
>attacking first?

I don't see why not. The only thing limiting such expeditions is that Elves usually prefer to attack from a prepared ambush in a forest.

>How about a ZZ Death Lord that surrenders after
>razing several acres of woodland? A Humakti in the same position,
>after an Oath of surrender?

IMO, yes in both cases. Having razed forest automatically damns you in Aldryami eyes. They're not Tolkienisque with human sense of honour and morality. If you did it once, you'll do it again.

Curtis Shenton:

>The Red Emperor is made up of several beings who live on the Moon,

Should be 'was', here. TakenEgi disappeared, presumed dead, after loosing the Mad Sultanate of Tork. Before the Egi could resummon him, they were all set upon and slain by Sheng Seleris.

IMO, the Sultanate merely maimed Takenegi by severing him from his Antirius Self (that which confers Emperorship). Thus maddened he became the Mad Sultan. The Egi tried to find him but were killed before their rites were successful. This forced Magnificus to enthrone himself as Shah of Carmania in attempt to retain control over the leadership magics of the Empire. The Mad Sultan now lives in Dorastor where he has forgotten that he was the Red Emperor. But I think he knows some terrible Secrets about the Red Moon and the Empire that he might divulge somebody who was nice to him (if the Sultan didn't eat him or do horrible things to that somebody first).

>Does anyone have any insight into these group entities in Glorantha?
>Which came first, Arkat or the people trying to be Arkat?

I really think Arkat was a single person. Troll Gods contains an Eyewitness testimony which distinguishes Arkat from the People trying to emulate him. Ditto for the Red Goddess and the Lightbringers.

I think the realtionship between the Egi and TakenEgi was that the Egi who lived on the Moon actually focussed the Powers of the Red Moon by mystic rites onto their Leader on Earth, TakenEgi like a Parabolic Solar Cooker. Although the modern Lunar Authorites are capable of recreating those rites, it hasn't been done yet because then the Current Emperor would be all Powerful, and no Emperor has managed to gain enough support among the myriad factions to persuade them that this is a Really Good Idea. All IMO.

Sandy Petersen:

>I suspect that the Pamaltelan
>Power Rune is not so much a "spear" as it is yet another attempt to
>symbolize the Spike.

Presumably the Doraddi Chief reinforces it by using Umbrellas.

> There is another version of the Hunger/Undeath Rune in
>which it looks a lot like a null sign (a circle with a slash through
>it and jutting out beyond the sides). Sort of like a computer's
>version of the number zero (with the stupid diagonal hashmark).

How is the hash orientated? diagonally, horizontally or what?

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