Troll heroes and group dynamics

From: Curtis Shenton (
Date: Wed 28 Jun 1995 - 07:46:41 EEST

Thanks to David Cake and Chris Wehman for filling us in on other Trollkin Heroes. Anyone have any reports of Runner or Pixie heroes?

> From: Peter Metcalfe <>
> Subject: Elves, TakenEgi and Runes.
> Curtis Shenton:
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> >The Red Emperor is made up of several beings who live on the Moon,
> Should be 'was', here. TakenEgi disappeared, presumed dead, after loosing
> the Mad Sultanate of Tork. Before the Egi could resummon him, they were all
> set upon and slain by Sheng Seleris.

All? I thought only some of the Egi had been slain by Sheng. From reading both the fortunate succession and bits on the digest I got the impression there were now mortal Egi as well as the remaining originals who are immortal. The way i see it the Emperor "dies" and is reborn during a change over in the mortal Egi. I wonder if they have Dart Wars on the Moon?
> >Does anyone have any insight into these group entities in Glorantha?
> >Which came first, Arkat or the people trying to be Arkat?
> I really think Arkat was a single person. Troll Gods contains an
> Eyewitness testimony which distinguishes Arkat from the People
> trying to emulate him. Ditto for the Red Goddess and the Lightbringers.

Well first of all Arkat became a troll very late in the wars. The group could have had plenty of time to HeroQuest to 'make' Arkat. In fact as I see it at least some of Arkat's companions went on the Lightbringer Quest with Harmast in order to find/rescue/create Arkat. Assuming you buy the whole idea that group of Egi=Red Emperor, 7 mothers=Red Goddess.

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