HQ Sources

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed 28 Jun 1995 - 10:52:25 EEST


> What I'm looking for now are sources of inspiration for Heroquesting.

James Branch Cabell's books "Jurgen" and "Something About Eve" are Heroquests. Extremely funny, startlingly rude, and exquisitely well-written, but Heroquests nevertheless. Written in the 1920s, before the wave of Tolkien clones hit the fantasy genre. Good luck finding copies...

Robert Holdstock's novel "Lavondyss" is a wonderfully inspirational, tracing a fragmented story back further and further until its primeval origin. His temporal dimension could be the way, in Glorantha, you can gradually penetrate through the accretions to reach for the Pure Forms (the Runes, a God Learner would say) which underly reality.

Also, the film "A Chinese Ghost Story" is extremely good stuff. Begins with a simple haunting, gets steadily stranger, ends up in Hell. I haven't seen the sequels, yet.

I think your model of ordinary folk getting "sucked into" other peoples' hero-plane activities may well lead to more entertaining adventures than the normal "reenactment" heroquests, where a well-prepared party tries to Do The Right Thing in one of their own myths.


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