Trollkin Heroquesters

From: Mike Cule (
Date: Wed 28 Jun 1995 - 13:59:09 EEST

Since everyone else is immortalising the heroic trollkin of their campaigns I think I should probably mention the distinguished Sword of Humakt, Trakul Druhl. She escaped from the lowest slavery and made her way to Pavis where she rose to the priesthood of Death. She took part in the rescue of the Giant's Cradle and with the resultant cash set up a temple of Humakt and refuge for escaped trollkin on Goat Island in the Puzzle Canal.

I always intended that she should be our first Heroquester, perhaps even being good enough to attempt the Quest to The Black Eater, but the player moved away and the campaign ended. My current campaign is set some years later and the Goat Island temple vanished one Sacred Time when the Canal was inaccessible to the outside world. Perhaps Trakul Druhl and her followers are even now hunting down evil and chaos on the GodPlane.

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