On Humakti resurrection, zomobies etc

From: DAS SPIELMEISTER (T.J.Minas@soton.ac.uk)
Date: Wed 28 Jun 1995 - 19:33:08 EEST

   As a comment on the recent discussions of whether some Humakti accepted Ressurection more often (the "windy" ones) and how about undead/reborn Humakti (a la LoT Scorpion lady), here is a comment I recall from (I think) a letter from Sandy back in the old days of 1986 or so.

   What it said was that yes, you can summon back a Humakti's spirit to try and bind it into a zombie or skeleton or a corpse (via Resurrection) but the spirit will fight you and attempt to kill you/harm you/etc so that it can return to Humakt's einherjar. Also recall the Humakti subcult spell "Stop Resurrection" which will stop any ritual designed to animate the dead body (not just resurrection).

   Note that Chaos is able to overcome some of these restrictions, depending on the particular circumstances. There is a Humakti in CoP who becomes a Thanatari head, which some might argue was a form of Undead. Essentially I think that the Humakti know that by devoting themselves to Death, when they die, they go to join the huge einherjar in the sky (very Norse Valhalla style, I should think, where warriors can fight all day and pass all their time being superlative fighters, living (as it were) in a super Humakti barrack-temple, where ale, food, etc was always available to replenish the needs of the warriors). I'm sure that very few Humakti who actually are devout and have made it there would ever want to come back (ie be resurrected/raised as a zombie etc). Therefore they will fight anyone who is dumb/brave/idiotic/mad/perverse enough to call them back.

   Enough for now.

                       Tim Minas 


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