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  Cult of Conquering Daughter (pt 2)
  by Harald Smith   

  Cult Ecology:
  The Conquering Daughter represents the stabilizing influence of the   Lunar Empire. Her runes emphasize this side of her cult. Hwarin   provides harmony and fertility to the land by controlling the waters and   nourishing the earth. She provides stability to Sylila by linking   cities and villages with her roads and by training soldiers to protect   the land. She provides opportunities and balance for both men and women   by training them to produce bounties from the land's wealth.   

  Hwarin Dalthippa is friendly with many other Lunar cults, excluding   demons like the Crimson Bat. While she acknowledges the aid those   powers gave to the Red Goddess, she has no love of them. There is a   friendly rivalry with Yanafal Tarnils and other Lunar war cults.   

  The cult of the Conquering Daughter has not been at the forefront of   Lunar expansion since the Daughter's Road Campaigns. Yara Aranis,   goddess of the Reaching Moon, was next to take that roll and now Jar-eel   has done so. Instead, Hwarin's cult stabilizes conquered lands once   there is a sizable Lunar population, particularly within southern   Peloria where she is strongest.   

  The Conquering Daughter is friendly with most earth cults. As a typical   Lunar cult, there is a strong conflict with the gods of the air. Hwarin   has fought them and has liberated many into the light of the Red   Goddess. There is a rivalry with solar and sky cults, since those cults   believe Hwarin to have stolen their powers. There is a long-standing   conflict with river cults, unusual for a Lunar religion. Symbolic of   Hwarin's many struggles with Nestentos, the ancient river, Hwarin's   followers must always struggle to prove their worth to the river folk.   

  The Cult in the World:
  Worship of the Conquering Daughter covers most of the Lunar southern   provinces, being particularly strong in Sylila, Imther, and Vanch. In   those lands, Hwarin Dalthippa is the favorite goddess. The cult's power   stretches into Talastar and Lunar Tarsh. There is little influence in   the north or east of the Lunar Empire apart from the army.   

  The heart of the cult is in the city of Jillaro. Here the Sultan and   Sultaness of Sylila reside and preside over both the province and the   religion. They report directly to the Red Emperor and receive reports   from all high priests. Jillaro is also home to Hwarin's Well, where   initiates and priests can brave the terrors of the pit to receive   oracles from Hwarin herself.   

  Temples exist across the southern provinces. These temples range in   size from the great temple in Jillaro to small shrines at the edges of

  Imther. Lunar regiments usually support shrines or minor temples.   Shrines teach Finecraft or, in the army, Shield.   

  High priests and/or chief priests lead the temples depending on the   temple size. The former are responsible for all smaller temples within   their domain. Army temples follow priests who have joined the subcult   of the Road Warriors. There is also a special temple and army unit   called the College of Engineers led solely by a priest called the Chief   Engineer.   

  Hwarin's prime image is that of a helmeted woman with a third eye on her   forehead. In one hand, she holds a spear while at her feet rest her   shield and distaff. Other common images show Hwarin standing upon a   mount holding a serpent in her hand; Hwarin bearing a bowl while a   serpent entwines itself about her body; and Hwarin riding a horse upon   a bridge above a river.   

  To become an initiate of the Conquering Daughter, a candidate must   either have a parent in the cult or pass the standard test. The test is   based on the skills of Ceremony; a Cult Craft; Devise or a second Cult   Craft; Spear Attack or Shield Parry; and World Lore. The Cult Crafts   are Cooking, Mapmaking, Masonry, Pottery, Sculpture, Shieldmaking,   Stoneworking, and Weaving.   

  Spirit Magic: Coordination, Detect Water, Endurance, Glue, Protection,   Repair, Strength.   

(I've skipped the Acolyte status for now.)

  To become a priest of the Conquering Daughter, a candidate must have   sacrificed for at least ten points of divine magic, must be skilled to   at least 50% in each of four skills, must have at least 50 percentiles   of ritual magic, and must know Read/Write New Pelorian (Lunar) at 50%.   The candidate must then pass a test of holiness equal to or less than   the character's POW x 3.   

  Priests may learn all Common Divine Spells. Note that Divinations can   only be performed when in contact with water.   

  They may learn the following Special Divine Spells: Command/Summon   Grief Spirit, Find Water, Finecraft, Mark Path and Suppress Grief   Spirit.   

  Special Divine Magics:   

  Finecraft: 1 pt, touch, one day, nonstackable, reusable.   This spell doubles the normal skill percentage of the target in all Cult   Craft skills for the spell's duration. It does not affect skill   bonuses.   

  Mark Path: 1 pt, ranged, one-day, nonstackable, reusable.   Cast on a person's or an animal's feet, the path taken by that

  individual or beast will detect as magical for the duration of the   spell.   

  Suppress Grief Spirit: 1 pt, ritual ceremony, nonstackable, reusable.   Cast on an individual possessed by a grief spirit, this spell will   suppress the grief spirit's effects for the duration of the spell. For   each magic point cast with the ritual, use the Duration Table to   determine the length of time the spirit is suppressed.   

  Subcults: (I've only included the key ones here.)   Spirit of Reprisal--The Lamented: When Hwarin passed into Hwarin's   Well, the city of Jillaro was struck with grief. Many people were   inconsolable and followed Hwarin into the crevice and died. Their souls   became the Lamented, Grief Spirits serving the will of the Conquering   Daughter. Hwarin sends one to attack in spirit combat any cultist who   slays another cultist or who breaks a geas. They have a POW of 3d6+6.   They attack until they reduce their foe to zero MP (at which point they   possess their foe) or until they are reduced to zero MP. If blocked   from attacking by spells, they continue to haunt their foe until they   can complete their mission or until one week ends.   

  Grief Spirits: (Note--these were written before Lords of Terror.)   These spirits are Passion Spirits and look like shimmering blue-green   faces hovering in the air. The continually weep and moan. If they   possess a target, the victim is always conscious of a general melancholy   in his soul and of a desire to end his life. This reduces all skills by   a number of percentiles equal to the spirit's POW. Once per season,   match the spirit's POW against the POW and INT of the possessed person,   if the spirit succeeds, the person attempts to kill himself.   

  College of Engineers: this subcult forms part of a special Lunar   Provincial Army unit. This unit has the ability to quickly extend   roadways and bridges in support of the regular army units.   

  To join, the initiate must have 75% skill in two Cult Crafts and 50% in   both Enchant and World Lore. Access to cult divine spells depends on   whether the person is an initiate or priest. In addition, Enchanters   gain two special spells reusably.   

  Special Divine Spells: Bless Lunar Road, Create Road Stone.   

  Bless Lunar Road: 2 pts, ritual enchant, nonstackable, one-use.   This ritual must be cast over a road and takes one week to complete. It   requires the sacrifice of 10 magic points per kilometer per day into the   road. If there is a Road stone in the road when the ritual is cast, the   enchantment affects any cult initiate, otherwise it only affects cult   enchanters, priests, and Road Warriors. The enchantment does not affect   non-cult members.   

  Once finished, any cult member standing on the enchanted road has   her/his hit points, fatigue points, and magic points raised by one as   long as she/he maintains some contact with the road. If she/he steps   completely off the road, she/he loses the enchantment's benefits until   she/he steps back onto it.   

  All the Road stones must be broken to end the effect upon initiates.   The entire road must be torn up to eliminate the effect for runemasters.   

  Create Road Stone: 2 pts, ritual enchant, nonstackable, one-use.   This ritual is performed over a specially carved stone placed within a   road and is primarily used with the Bless Lunar Road spell. The ritual   requires one magic point to be cast into the stone for each point of the   spell every night for one week. Anyone standing on the enchanted Road   Stone gains 1d6 percentiles for every point stacked in the spell in both   Spear Attack and Shield Parry.   

  Road Warriors: Those citizens of Sylila who followed the Conquering   Daughter to war became the first Road Warriors. They carried the magics   Hwarin took from the solar temples and established this special subcult.   An initiate who has 90% skill in three of the following: a Craft
(Cooking, Mapmaking, Masonry, or Shieldmaking), Devise, Shield Parry or
  Spear Parry, Spear Attack, and World Lore can become a Road Warrior.   Road Warriors gain three Divine Spells reusably.   

  Special Divine Magic: Roadstrength, Shield, and Truespear.   

  Roadstrength: 2 pts, ranged, one-day, nonstackable, reusable.   This spell doubles the target's base STR, with no restrictions or   maximum limit. The target must be in contact with a road to receive the   spell's benefits when the spell is cast. She/he may move off the road   subsequently and retain the STR advantage each time they return to the   road while the spell lasts.      

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