Wyrm's Footprints

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Fri 30 Jun 1995 - 10:54:57 EEST

Hi Folks

        I've recntly been given a copy of Wyrm's Footprints by David Hall for doing lots of photocopying for him (Tales errata...). Wow, was it worth the effort! Footprints is packed with over 100 pages of good solid Gloranthan stuff which is absolutely stunningly presented. Steve has excelled himself with the design and there are lots of good illustrations by Dan Barker, Willliam Church and others.

        I know that if you already have the complete set of Footnotes then there is quite a lot here you already have, but its still worth buying for the quality of presentation and the fact that the best bits of Footnotes have been distilled and presented in one volume. Also you can preserve you valuable copies of Footnotes (but then again Footprints should become Mega- valuable in time as I can't see David doing another print run...)

        So in verdict. Those of you who don't get to do David's Photocopying, Laundry etc. should buy this product (those lucky few of us who can scrounge it for free will just look smug). I have heard that it is selling for 10.99 in the shops, but you can get it direct from David at Reaching Moon Megacorp for L9.50. So if you can restrain youselves for a few days more (after months of waiting) you can save yourself dosh and also refloat RMM which is mortgaged up to the hilt after paying out for this production and is now waiting for the shops to pay up.

All-in-all, the best Megacorp production to date, in my opinion better than anything AH has ever produced. 9/10 on the Selwi Jerandi Super-Scale (and I never give 10/10). Buy it, or forever regret it. The only good excuse for not buying it is that you have not bought a RQ/Glorantha product after RQ2 was replaced by RQ3 and you don't intend to start now!!!

Have fun


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