Vampires in Western Ralios?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 20 Mar 1997 - 10:05:26 EET

Peter Metcalfe
> An interesting factoid I picked up was the reason why Vlad Dracula came
> to be regarded as a vampire was not because he was bloodthirsty but that
> at the court of the King of Hungary, he converted from Orthodoxy to the
> Catholic church. Romanian tradition at the time held that anybody who
> did so was cursed as to rise again as a vampire after his death.

> I imagine a similar set of traditions hold for the Gloranthan Malkioni.
> Rokari who defect to the Stygian faith rise as Trolls after their death.

Thanks for opening my eyes, Peter, or is this a new realisation:

Genertela Book p.70:
"The stolid farmers of Daran are good Rokari, but their rulers belong to a variant heresy which gives precedence to the religious insights of the residents of this land."

Originally I assumed this variant heresy were the Galvosti, but the Reaching Moon Megacorpse(r)s insist that these were centered upon Nomia (modern Holut, which extended further into Arolanit and modern Rindland - - I wonder what the Arolanit Brithini did to the native populace they conquered there: forbid them to breed? That would solve this problem within no time at all - to a Brithini).

Back to the topic: What is the faith of the rulers in Daran? Just another Stygian sect? IMO Genertela Book would have said so (although I agree to Nick's comment in our post-con debate that Genertela Book, a top-down approach, should be taken as suggestion to incite your own curiosity rather than solid gospel. If you're in doubt about this ask Greg about the four Heortland tribes of civilised Orlanthi...).

However, during the expansion phase of the Second Council the people who later conquered Tanisor came from here. Remember what Arkat fought in Tanisor? Did he really root them out? Or do they still exist and practice a somewhat different kind of ancestor worship?

Just an idea...

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