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Greetings and Salutations

A posting from Lawrence Whitaker about the Continuum RPG convention.

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas and that Santa brought you all = the gaming products you wanted.


This posting is designed to answer a few points raised on the HQ list = and on this list - as well as to wish you all the compliments of the = season, of course.


  1. Early Registration Deadline

To qualify for the earl registration price of =A320, we need to receive = your registration by 1st January. Now, this has been questioned = elsewhere with the poser relating to short notice, but I don't think = we're guilty of not making this public. Heck, we WANT early = registrations, and I think we've plugged away on a variety of email = lists and bulletin boards. But, because my son and heir celebrates his = birthday in the first week of January, and because it's a leap year in = 2004, and because... well... we're a nice bunch here at Continuum = Central, we'll extend the deadline by ONE WEEK (the rest of the = committee will lynch me for this, most likely, but I've taken an exec = decision). So, get your registrations to me by 8th January at the very = latest and you'll qualify for the =A320 registration rate.


2. Accommodation Payments

We really do prefer you to pay for your accommodation upfront with your = registration. If there's a question mark over how many nights you'll be = staying, then drop me an email first and we can discuss matters. We can = also refund on cancelled night(s) if we receive enough notice (see the = deadlines on the registration form). The reason for this is that we =

need to commit to a minimum number of residential places, and its all =
tied into the cost of the con.  We also need the cashflow as we don't =
have huge reserves to subsidise late payments or payments made at the =
con itself. I know you all understand; but, if you are facing genuine = difficulties contact me, or a committee member first. Remember, = Continuum is a Caring Convention...


3. Online Payment

Hoping to have this sorted in the next two weeks. Bear with us!


4. Freeform and Game Registration

We will have advance registration for freeforms and other games, but = this won't be until we have a working draft of the Continuum timetable = and know (roughly) what games and events will be taking place, and = where. Of course, you can let us know what games you're interested in = (and planned freeforms are already detailed on the website), and we'll = note it for regististration purposes. But, Steve Hatherley will be = making an announcement at a later date, so, again, bear with us!


5. Website and Continuum Book

We=92ve asked the fine team at The Unspoken Word (and they=92ve agreed, = the mad, impetuous fools) to put together the con book which will be = given to everyone attending as part of the package. We toyed with = having a theme, such as new beginnings or continuations, but instead we = decided that we just wanted the best material people can contribute!


We are looking for Gloranthan material of whatever form (although it is = essentially geared towards HQ -- if you want to submit something RQ, = then be prepared also to have it HQ statted), from an interesting NPC or = adventure cameo all the way to an epic adventure, if you have one you = would like to see published. We also want to have a small amount of = material relating to the other games featured, especially CoC, Hawkmoon = and the other Moorcock-based games. Again, anyone with an interest in = producing such material, do get in touch!


And as ever, to save the usual stalwarts (on your feet, Mr Bray) from = working their fingers to the bone, we would like to see art = contributions, too, however simple or complex. In return, you get kudos, = the adoration of the Gloranthan tribe and the princely reward of a free = copy of the book.


If you want to submit writings, or have any queries on this side of = things, send them to Mark Galeotti (mark_at_galeotti.fsbusiness.co.uk ) = while prospective artists should get in touch with Simon Bray = (Simonbrayuk_at_aol.com ).


And we=92d also like to include some outside content on the website to = add colour and depth. If you have anything you=92d like to see on = www.continuum.uk.net, then drop a line to Lawrence at = Lawrence.whitaker_at_ntlworld.com


6. The 'Get-Well-Soon, Orlanth' Benevolent Fund

As we all know, the storm god Orlanth is a little bit poorly (well, = dead, really), following the actions of those dastardly Lunar, = imperialist gits, and we at Continuum thought we'd send him a nice Get = Well Soon card. But, as you can appreciate, buying a card for a god - = and a deceased one at that - is a bit on the pricey side. So, we're = hoping your generosity/sympathy/sick-sense-of-humour will help out here, = by contributing whatever you can to the cause. Of course, if we can't = get a card worthy of a storm diety, the fund will be used to help import = and support the guests that are going to help make Continuum such a = magical experience, and all donations are gratefully received. If you = wish to contribute, make a cheque payable to 'Continuum', or, if making = a donation with your registration, note on your registration form the = size of your donation. As ever, we'll reward all contributors somehow, = and all those needy Orlanthi will be forever in your debt.


7. Who Does What

Quick reminder who is in charge of various con-related things.


Loz & Darran - University liaison, publicity, membership, customer = service

Mike - Tabletop gaming and tournaments

Steve - Freeforms

Colin - Panels, events and miniatures


Any ideas you have, things you want to see, events you want to run - = then please drop a line to the appropriate committee member. You'll = find the email addresses at www.continuum.uk.net/pages/committee.htm


I think that's it for now. But, have a very happy New Year, whatever = you do and however you celebrate it!


Loz and the Continuum team



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