[Glorantha]Urox vs Ragnaglar

From: Antonio Álvarez del Cuvillo <antalvarez1976_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 13:57:41 +0100

> The other problem is that Urox and Ragnaglar are brothers, which means that Urox killing >Ragnaglar is kinslaying, and in the Heortling scheme of things essentially chaotic. So am I reading >this wrong, or is this a problem in the myth?

Uroxi may 'sunder family ties' (Storm Tribe, p. 63), so I thought Urox did it in the past and Ragnaglar was no more kin if Urox killed him. YGWV but Urox generating Chaos is a bit strange for me.

> On a closely related topic, do the Heortlings have a myth about the first kinslaying?

There is a myth of first kinslaying In Storm Tribe pp. 205-207 "How to solve kinstrife", with Vadrus slaying Barntar the Plowman.

But probably there are some different, logically-incompatible myths. For example, in Thunder Rebels, p. 90 we are told that Gagarth initiated kinstrife and was outlawed by Orlanth.



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