Re: [Glorantha]Who Killed Ragnaglar?

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 07:33:45 -0500

At 10:18 PM -0600 1/2/04, Andrew Larsen wrote:
>In looking over some of the mythology of chaos, I noticed that there are two
>different versions of what happened to Ragnaglar.

        Ragnaglar was almost certainly outlawed for his crimes, which would make him non-kin (Thunder Rebels, 44). The trick here is that each judgement is a complete unit -- you have to resolve it all at once -- so Ragnaglar can't be outlawed as punishment for a crime, then killed in restitution (or pay weregeld or whatever). So he was kin until he was thrown out (the straw that broak the goat's back). Maybe CA stopped Urox the first time to prevent kinstrife; the second time around it was just a chaos thing being killed (Natyrsa Chaos Foe (Storm Tribe, 41) has no trouble watching others kill chaos, after all).

        Another possibility is Ragnaglar must have had a lot of kids -- one or more of them could have taken after their father enough to be mythically indistinguishable from him. This would allow several myths of who killed Ragnaglar. Considering the way many sexual crimes fester in secret and repeat themselves over generations, maybe this is one of Ragnaglar's attributes -- he replicates himself through his children. So every time he is killed, unless you root out every scrap of him (something warriors are bad at), he will be back. Since (at least) the Compromise, he has no divine "identity" to worship, but the tendency of his crimes to procreate remains

> On a closely related topic, do the Heortlings have a myth about the
>first kinslaying? Is Urox killing Ragnaglar the proto-kinslaying? It
>doesn't seem like it, although it might explain where Urain comes from
>(although I've seen references to Urain as the son of Ragnaglar and Thed.
>Is he the youngest son, born from his father's murder?).

        As far as I know, the first kinslaying was when Vadrus killed Barntar (ST, 205-207). Where Urain comes from, I don't know.

Peter Larsen

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