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>according to the "Chalana Heals the Scars" myth, Chalana Arroy
>persuades Urox to not
>kill Ragnaglar. Did Urox change his mind later? That would seem to
>negate what CA accomplished.

"Chalana Arroy was there, and she threw herself between Urox's axe and Ragnaglar's corrupt and seething body. Urox did not kill Ragnaglar that day." It's a pretty major accomplishment to stand between Urox and his foe, and is no doubt the source of a Healer's ability to calm a berserker.

> The other problem is that Urox and Ragnaglar are brothers, which means
>that Urox killing Ragnaglar is kinslaying, and in the Heortling scheme of
>things essentially chaotic. So am I reading this wrong, or is this a
>problem in the myth?

I think you're reading it right, and it is not a problem in the myth. It's one of the shames of the Orlanthi people, and they try to pretend it doesn't exist (see King of Sartar p.64, where the brother driven mad is called only "the other one").

> On a closely related topic, do the Heortlings have a myth about the
>first kinslaying? Is Urox killing Ragnaglar the proto-kinslaying?

No (Ragnaglar was presumably an outlaw). Vadrus killed Barntar (see Enclosure 2 or Thunder Rebels p.146).


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