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Terminators of Ebon City
Call of Blue Moon

Important Members
 Black Face: Enigmatic Patron of the League, mainly living in Doblian City.  Beihan Anndas: Renegade Annilla human Assassin, Leader of Terminators.  Swordmaster Jasper: Once famed for his skill in Sword and Art Fencing of Red Yanafali in the City of Jillaro, but jealousy of rival noble houses made him flee as a criminal, for he was born poorly.  Lanaz Blowgun: Renegade uz from Dagori Inkarth. Once (foolishly) enjoyed life in Empire but later cast out.

Concept: They are composed of professional assassins and freelance sword masters once served one or some Imperial Factions, but later disillusioned for hopeless corruption, greed, madness and internal petty conflict of Imperial Nobles and Army. But they still use their old arts as freelancers, now earning their livelihood.

 Origin: Ebon City, frontier of Doblian Province, after "Black Face" Mask Celestinus appeared from the grotto, he appointed some of criminal masters called "dark faces" to enforce his will to Empire gloomy split by factions of Dart Wars, they are all obliged to help him for without his sentence, all of them commited crimes worth of more than death sentence after long torture. Celestinus tried to own perfectly independent security faction.

 Though many of them later persecuted by Danfive Xaroni under Orsorkhon after succeeding Masks intended to unify various security, its Wyter and Master of "Black Face" survived for his connection to Yolp Mountain uz in Aksena and Xarkarsh. Their Uz contact to Tagor Mahaquata managed to threaten Orsorkhon not to exterminate the faction, and now survives as mutual aid society, sheltering outcasts cannot show loyalty to Rufelza anymore, but still cannot escape Empire for various reason.

Guardian: Landscape Rock (Selfrock of Rashoran Mystic?) providing Talent?

Disadvantage: This band always walking over tightrope between various factions of Imperial Security Section in various dealings for contracts, like Spoken Word, Blue Moonies and Danfive Xaron Cult. And the freemen are always cautious to make new contract for choosing next target. Only qualified members are permitted to join in.

They are realists in "real" middle world who lost illusion during their service to Empire in youth or outcast from "Liberation of Red Goddess." They thus simply want to live like ordinary people of Empire as far as they can, but disturbances of current empire (like Argrathi revolts in South, etc...) and complicated duties and connection they made in past deeds don't tolerate them to do so. But they intend to kill only worst sinners and nobles who enjoy heinous acts without any guilty feeling, but always escape punishments.

 Their worst menace is Thief Takers of Elz Ast, some of chances they encountered in several missions (while one try to catch criminals, other try to kill.) and now both sides believe another dire enemy, both of them believe own leagues are realists, but one believes ideal and future of Empire, other doesn't.


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