[Glorantha]Storm Bull brings Chaos.

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Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 07:30:18 EST

<< Urox generating Chaos is a bit strange for me. >>

If you take a very Lunar view on what Storm Bull was doing, read the passage from Strom Tribe, p153, and think of Storm Bull as a bringer of Fear and Death (rather than fighting against it), and as a bad guy rather than a good guy.

He brings Fear and Death - he brings death to his own brother and, presumably also brings fear (Kajaboor) that drives people to worship Wakboth (moral corruption/evil).

You might say that it is only because Storm Bull does not view Fear and Death as Evil that he can passionately fight it. That's what the Priestess tells me, anyway. Surely the goddess will be able to heal the Bull of his anger.

Without Chaos to fight Storm Bull is just one big horny Herd-mother-fertiliser.


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