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From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 05:24:16 -0800 (PST)

Hi to everybody and especially to Andrew S. and Andrew L. below :)

> From: "Andrew Solovay" <asolovay_at_rubberducky.com>
> Andrew Larsen writes:
> >
> > On a closely related topic, do the Heortlings
> have a myth
> > about the first kinslaying?
> Hrm... Orlanth killed the Evil Emperor, who was
> Orlanth's uncle. Death was
> still pretty new at the time. Was this the first
> kinslaying, from the
> Heortling POV?

Yes and no.
Yes: Orlanth killed a kin but outside the clan, the pre-tribe. Yelm was not a member of Orlanth's clan/hall/tribe whatever.
Still, via the celestial court pre-myth, Orlanth was Yelm's cousin (Orlanth as son of Umath, Umath as son of earth and Sky and Yelm as son of Sky). IMO, logically speaking, Umath was the first kinslayer because he "separated" (e.g.killed) earth and sky to make space for himself and so (incidentally) allowed space for moon (invisible) but also invoked chaos (the void beyond the celestial court).
Alternatively: Umath altered the celestial court original balance/kosmos and so invited chaos to enter.

BUT the court had "space" for him and allowed both (chained) Umath/air and (invisible) Sedenya/moon. Chaos was invited "in" but kept at bay "out" by the "Original" Compromise "intra" the celestial court.

BUT AGAIN Umath had sons and daughters because he was chained but not annihilated (only chaos can annihilate gods) so could still (ehm) reproduce.
Umath's sons and daughters were not bound by the first short-sighted compromise.
They acted FREELY.

Orlanth killed Yelm and weakened the first compromise. Lesser Darkness.

Someone killed / defiled / offended the Unholy Trio and *they* made the Second Unholy Compromise: they invited chaos in the world to kill/annihilate their divine kin.
Greater Darkness.

Orlanth understands his sin, accepts it partially (kinstrife can destroy/annihilate gods and also entire tribes, so if Orlanth admits his guilt fully and also his father's guilt fully, Orlanth practically destroys the tribe, the gods and the last hopes to defeat chaos).
LBQ. Orlanth *and* IFWW use Responsibility via the Great Compromise and that is Time, Hope, Novelty a.k.a. the only weapon that can keep Chaos at bay again: not destroying it because it is Void and no heortling god can fill the universe so as to "kill" void.

The Dawn and the start of Time. The Age of Responsibility, of cause and effect, of
irreversibility begin. The Ages of
recurrent/cyclical/lunar Wars follow.

Are the cycles eternal? None can say.
Not yet, anyway: but in the Hero Wars...


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