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From: Antonio Alvarez del Cuvillo <antalvarez1976_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 01:41:45 +0100

> Antonio:
> << Urox generating Chaos is a bit strange for me. >>
> If you take a very Lunar view on what Storm Bull was doing, read the
> from Strom Tribe, p153, and think of Storm Bull as a bringer of Fear and
> (rather than fighting against it), and as a bad guy rather than a good

Sure, but I was thinking in 'heortling' POV ;-)). Urox (or Storm Bull) is generally a bad thing (tm) but is good fighting Chaos. He wouldn't gnerate Chaos, but anyway, he do horrible things, so he has sundered his kin ties.

"Urox is the man who was drowned swimming against the current without realizing that he could leave the river, mount the horse and go freely anywhere".

Mysterious riddler in Torang agora.



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