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Hello All,

We just wanted to give you a quick update on our release schedule. Also, I apologize for my vagueness in the last message; not every paid GTA member was due to receive a copy of Dragon Pass, only GTA heroes and those who selected it as their patronage choice. If you were expecting a copy, please let me know if you still haven't received it. If you are not sure if you were expecting it, please email me at <gta_at_glorantha.com> and I will check for you.

First, Masters of Luck and Death is at the printer, and as we announced recently, it should to ship on time. (We expect it to be available for pre-order at <www.warehouse23.com> sometime this week.) If you are a contributor or GTA member who expects to receive this book, and you have not updated your mailing address with us in awhile, please email us ASAP to ensure that the book doesn't get lost in the mail. And even if you don't expect to get it, if you are a paid GTA member, please update your mailing address if you haven't recently.

For several reasons, we have reversed the order of the next couple of books coming out. Thus, our April release will be Gathering Thunder, volume 4 of the Sartar Rising series <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/1403.html>. This will be followed by Under the Red Moon: Imperial Lunar Handbook Volume 2 <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/1304.html> sometime this summer.

Because of the ever-rising cost of printing and business in general, we expect that these books will see a price increase. However, we plan to expand the books to 80 pages to help make up for this.

After that, we hope that the next release will be the tentatively-titled World of Glorantha. With Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars going out of print very soon, we need a new core rules book to provide an introduction to Glorantha. And this time around, it will be tailored to new players and narrators. Written by Mark Galeotti (editor of the very user-friendly Hero's Book), this 64-page book will concentrate on providing focused but interesting information on a range of topics, including the major lands, the elder races, Chaos, the Sky, the Otherworlds, and Magic. It is designed to cover each topic in a 2-page spread. Players who already own Glorantha should not worry, however, as it will contain a lot of new and cool information to help set up the great events coming in the Hero Wars.

Beyond this, several Player's Books are vying with Dragonrise to be the fourth release of 2004. As always, the exact order of publication will depend on the order in which final text is received and made print-ready.

Cheers and, as ever, thanks for your continued support,


Stephen Martin

P.O. Box 272914 Concord, CA 94527
Phone: (925) 680-8897
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