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>If you had to imagine in canon/published Glorantha a
>place/culture where and when something comparable to
>Quantum Physics Myth la Timeline TM has been already
>discovered, what would it be?

>The Mostali? (obvious answer)
>The Zistorites?
>The ZZaburites?
>The Knowledgists?

I could say 'whichever is most to you as GM', but that's rather trite (if true). Other than that, it depends how much like quantum physics the theory needs to be. The Mostali and Zistorites have the best technology at their disposal, while Leonardo has the weirdest stuff (and is the easiest to justify as a time traveller and/or non-Gloranthan). However, the Mostali and Zistorites also seem to have a very mechanistic view of the universe, which doesn't look too much like RW quantum physics. The ones, IMO, most likely to have come up with a wacky probabilistic near-mystical (small 'm'!) myth like that would be some obscure group of independent sorcerers following their own interpretation of Zzaburi lore. There's lots of such groups around IMG, although they're not very large or influential, and they could believe almost anything :) OTOH, if what you need is mysterious ruins full of wierd technological stuff that can shunt you around timelines, then I'd go with the Zistorites (with Leonardo and the Mostali as good alternatives should you need the operators still to be alive!)

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