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Ian Cooper:

> Dragon Pass was a case of trying to reconcile disparate sources
> without breaking too much, but priority went to II souces or Greg.
> Here is why the decison was made. I think it is a reasonable solution
> to the problems. Of course YGMV.
It's interesting to note (well, interesting to me) that virtually every argument you make for the new map actually applies equally well to the old one (as published in TotRM and Questlines). For example, both maps agree that Wilmskirk lies at the junction of the Balmyr, Locaem and Sambari lands - they just differ in the directions one has to go to reach them. Likewise, both agree that the Locaem have a border with the Colymar - although its certainly a much shorter one on the old maps.

> a: The map on page 7 of Dragon Pass previously appeared in Barbarian
> Adventures. It located the Balymr south of Wilmskirk.
This, of course, is the exception :)

Of course, its hardly the only change, and, as you say, the sensible thing to do is ignore any changes that create problems in your Glorantha, while accepting the rest. The Locaem one makes no difference to me, but the moving of Stonegate out of the Good Valley into Jomesland is more of a problem (I assume there are two settlements called 'Stonegate'), and its a little puzzling why the Lizardwood Flats are now a range of hills, such that the Good River presumably flows up and over them to reach the Stream. There must be a myth in there somewhere as to why the river flows uphill for a while - even if it does so for a much shorter distance than the Syphon.

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