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Personal Note on Dragon Pass (Not Boardgame).

Dragon Pass Gazeteer (Abbreviation: DPG) <-Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder, different from Dragon Pass Boardgame (White Bear and Red Moon) ->Note (this note)
->Tribes of Vingkotling and Heortling (Berenethtelli: Heort ->Harmast) My Storm Tribe Notes
http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/LegendaryTribesofVingkotandHeort.htm Add Shalanvar, Serpentbeast Brotherhood (Enemy of Yinkin) to Dragon List (Drathdaw the Stone Dragon (Bone Hills)?) http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/DragonListsofGlorantha.htm

To David Dunham and Joerg:

My concern is mainly about before Dragonkill. If I have time and concentrate on modern 17C Sartar, Rather I want to speculate some about Malani, for my affinity to their eccentricity...Mad Dog Malan, Hauberk Jon.....and? (Of course, they are villains from POV of Colymer (Greg) and Lismelder (Greydog)....)


*Andrinstula (Andrin)
*Bevara Ridges (Bevara) Heort was Koroltes?
*Chorms River (Heort freed Wind?)
*Kaufonstead (Heort stayed here for a while)
*Killard Vale (Heort was born here, relationship to modern Kheldoni? Heort
was born in Ancient Sartar? Contradicts to John Hughes' "Vinga and Drenyan in Grizzly Peak" of Storm Tribe)
*Sit Here (OOO (Ezkankekko) and Heort) No Location? (1: Eurmal slipped hand
of Greg 2: Greg is friend of Eurmal? 3: Both?)

*The Six Peaks (Born with Antler Horns? As Yinkin was Alynx Daimon, Heort
was Deer Daimon?)
*Wethersfield (Heort was born here?)

Heroes of Prax?
Waha (Of course, all praxians love Waha) Tada (Kinship to Vingkotling), (Morokanth dislikes him as a human hero? See Jackrabbit and Tada in Drastic Prax)
Jaldon (Enemy of Youf, Tarsh and Lunar Empire? Relationship to Whitebull?) Became mad when he visited Plateau of Statue...?

1st Attack -> Pavis?
2nd Attack -> Dragonkill? (Killed as other heroes)
3rd Attack -> Tarsh (allied with Colymer and captured Yarandros? Killed by
4th Attack (Allied with Whitebull?) against Lunars? Whitebull (Argrath?)

Stampede (Liornvuli and Stravuli)
Karstenstead (Cattle Raid of Cooley in Tain?) Sacred Top (Tristan and Iseude?)
Swanvale (Popular fairy Story in RW throughout World?)

Windmill -> Old Wind Temple -> New Wind Temple (Magical p.40) <-Old Genertela Book in RQ

Other Notes
Arfritha Valley (Daughter of Kodig in Orgovaltes Land?) Bagnot (Colymer King Intagarn captured Yarandros, maybe that time, Jaldon and Colymer allied and antagonized Yarandros and Derik Pol-joni?) Blue Boar Fort, Woods of the Dead (Dinacoli KIng Branbane, see Nick Brooke's tale)
Blacktree Shrine, Branlands, Duran Hills, Owlstead, Salvi Top (Hero Salvi of Locaem (Spear Tribe))
Feyghost River <->Nymie Vale (Orane, Colymer Tribe) Feyghost River, Jerra Hills, Orvano Hills ("Three Evil Trade" in triad) Godar Hills (Hantrafal the Godi, Lawspeaker of Vingkot) Herongreen (Much similarity between Orlanth and Odin, like Griminismal in Edda.)
Last Cast (Vinga in Great Darkness?)
Markdale (Last Highking Bryan's Home)
Smoking Ruin (Vamargic and Karastand, Korol Kandolos) Stravul Stead (Firstblood of Tarsh (centered of Bagnot) is from Stravuli)

Anyway, I want to reread again DPG, and pick up more info about First Age Tribes for My Storm Tribe Notes


Have I met Fergie? (if Fergie is the one i met in Oakland...)

"When Tragic King Errarth was felled, the Boar of Pestilence strode the streets of Errat Town, and drove the people from the city."


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