Re: [Glorantha]Personal Note on Dragon Pass (1)

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 12:31:18 +0000 (GMT)

> (1: Eurmal slipped hand of Greg
> 2: Greg is friend of Eurmal?
> 3: Both?)

4: Greg *is* Eurmal?

> Jaldon (Enemy of Youf, Tarsh and Lunar Empire?
> Relationship to Whitebull?)
> Became mad when he visited Plateau of Statue...?
> 1st Attack -> Pavis?
> 2nd Attack -> Dragonkill? (Killed as other heroes)
> 3rd Attack -> Tarsh (allied with Colymer and
> captured Yarandros? Killed by
> Derik)
> 4th Attack (Allied with Whitebull?) against Lunars?

> Whitebull (Argrath?)

For more info on Jaldon, you need to talk to Daniel Fahey. Who may well answer in the first person :)

I once put together a collection of all the published info I could find about Jaldon. Never moved it from the old web site, but if that still accidentally works... yes, it does! Try here:

Jane Williams

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