[Glorantha]Tada and Jaldon and Waha

From: Greg Stafford <greg_at_glorantha.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 05:13:29 -0800

Just for the record,

>> (1: Eurmal slipped hand of Greg
>> 2: Greg is friend of Eurmal?
>> 3: Both?)
>4: Greg *is* Eurmal?

All the above. :)

>From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>

>IMHO, Tada was incarnated by Waha (a Tadahan was
>incarnated by a Wahan magician during some crucial
>heroquesting of Praxian history) since Tada is dead
>but they needed him for some purpose, maybe for
>obtaining (becoming) Jaldon.

IMHO this is not so, and in fact part of the upcoming Hreo Wars epic includes an opportunity for the player characters to resurrect Tada, possibly (though not necessarily) in opposition to that upstart Waha. The resurrection will most likely reqire conflict between these two great Praxian heroes because Waha's abilities depend upon the wasted lands to be relevant, while Tada brings the opportunity to reinvigorate the wasteland. The resurrection of Genert (mighty hordes of vomiting hyenas) in a land whose actual location is both unknown and reachable only by paths yet to be discovered shall provide an (the?) opportunity to unite those two mighty would-be rivals.

>So, now, Jaldon is Tada (great leader) +Raven
>(desctructor and self destructor)

Nor, in my Glorantha, is this so. Jaldon, Waha and Tada re distinct individuals who shall have the opportunity to co-exist, if the players do everythign according toa plan which will possibly (in the end) not benefit the players at all.

>the order is not important, but IMO Whitebull is the
>intended original anti Pavis (or accepting Pavis)
>leader _without_ Tada (who is dead) and without Raven.
>Now, maybe Tada is not dead and the summoning of
>Whitebull (in order to overcome the loopish nature of
>Jaldon) implies the resurrection of Genert (Tada's

I am not absolutely sure, but I believe that Tada is the son-in-law of Genert.

Greg Stafford

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