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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 07:57:17 -0800 (PST)

> From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
> > Heroes of Prax?
> > Waha (Of course, all praxians love Waha)
> They are animistic, remember. So when they love a
> spirit, become it, incarnate it.

Generally only when it is an ancestor. Note that, to be a khan, you have to have Waha as your ancestor. And ancestry is not necessarily linear in Prax.

> > Tada (Kinship to Vingkotling), (Morokanth dislikes
> > him as a human hero? See
> IMHO, Tada was incarnated by Waha (a Tadahan was
> incarnated by a Wahan magician during some crucial
> heroquesting of Praxian history) since Tada is dead
> but they needed him for some purpose, maybe for
> obtaining (becoming) Jaldon.

Waha and Tada are different people. Waha is not an incarnation of Tada. Opinions differ on whether Jaldon is an incarnation of Tada or Waha. Most people believe he is an incarnation of Waha, which gets around the strictures of the peace Waha made with Pavis.

> > Jaldon (Enemy of Youf, Tarsh and Lunar Empire?
> Yep, but Jaldon was not the intended Jaldon. He
> appeared (storically) when Waha (a waha magician)
> was
> defeated by Pavis. The magician then (possibly)
> heroquested to become Tada and discovered Jaldon but
> was crucially tricked by Raven (the tricksterous
> spirit of the Praxians).
> So, now, Jaldon is Tada (great leader) +Raven
> (desctructor and self destructor)

I doubt he was questing to become Tada. Praxians range from conservative all the way to reactionary. Questing to incarnate Tada would be doubly difficult because (a) Waha didn't do it and (b) Tada's not an ancestor.

> > Relationship to Whitebull?)
> of course.

I'm assuming you mean the White Bull, not Argrath Whitebull. I think the White Bull is a different thing, more an animal of prophecy. The White Bull causes the tribes to unify. Jaldon comes when they do. So there is causality, if that's what you mean by relationship.

If you meant Argrath Whitebull, then yes, there is some sort of relationship that could even be given an ability number. That's clear from the Dragon Pass board game.

> > Became mad when he visited Plateau of Statue...?
> possibly.

If you are talking about the first (or maybe the second) Jaldon, probably. Though "mad" is in the eye of the beholder.

> > 1st Attack -> Pavis?
> > 2nd Attack -> Dragonkill? (Killed as other heroes)
> > 3rd Attack -> Tarsh (allied with Colymer and
> > captured Yarandros? Killed by
> > Derik)
> > 4th Attack (Allied with Whitebull?) against
> Lunars?
> the order is not important, but IMO Whitebull is the
> intended original anti Pavis (or accepting Pavis)
> leader _without_ Tada (who is dead) and without
> Raven.

Argrath Whitebull was all about throwing out the Outlanders, including the ground men who hide in Paragua's Land-inside-the-Walls. But it would be a mistake to define him solely in the context of Pavis, which is, in the grander scheme of things, just an isolated little slum in the middle of an open plain where horses dare not go.

I think the White Bull has little to do with Pavis. It has more to do with the end of an age and averting a great doom.

> Now, maybe Tada is not dead and the summoning of
> Whitebull (in order to overcome the loopish nature
> of Jaldon) implies the resurrection of Genert
> (Tada's father).

Everyone knows that Tada is not dead -- he's buried in the sleeping hills, under his tumulus. People can go there and awaken (i.e., partially incarnate) him, especially is you have one of his Grisley Parts.

I don't think Tada is exactly Genert's son, but Praxians might think so. His title means "Queen's Champion," which may imnply a different relationship.

Chris Lemens

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