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First - unless it is printed it is not canon. So any working assumption I may have made that is not in print is just one possibility. Also remember YGMV - this has been undecided so long that the publication of DP:LoT is bound to break some campaigns; prefer your version if it works. And as John Hughes stated in some ways DP:LoT is a begining, I am sure II will fill in details in particular ways over time, some of which may be valid reading of DP:LoT, but may not be what I expected.

What is stated:

  1. The Syalngi have absorbed the Kultain, so their lands are combined.
  2. We identify TwoTop as the Kutlain 'spiritual home'
  3. volsaxiland - volsaxi
  4. Karstanstead - Volsaxi
  5. Northvale - Bacofi
  6. Finovan Hills - Bacofi
  7. Upper Marzeel Vale was Kitori now Bacofi
  8. Dreven - Curtali
  9. Markdale - Sylangi (but Broyan born here so southern tip may be Volsaxi)
  10. Charandar hills - Balmyr land south of Wilmskirk; Locaem north of Wilmskirk
  11. Sorang valley south of Wilmskirk - Balmyr
  12. Famegrave, Owlstead - Locaem

Now some guesses, but just that

  1. Destor's Hills south of Wilmskirk - Volsaxi
  2. Twotop and Destor's Hills north of Whitewall - once Kultain now expanded Sylangi

Note that while Salvi was in the Branlands, Branvale, and the Duran Hills we are not explicit about any tribal identity. Looking at the tribal map on p.7 some parts might now be Balmyr some parts wilderness, some still Locaem - nothing is stated. We also do not say if anyone occupies the Auroch Hills. Use whatever works for your game.

>That leaves the northern border. Ian's comment that
Halfort may have been Kultaini before 1619 could work.<
Not quite. To fit Halfort needs to have been Balmyr
for generations i.e. longer than 1619.  

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