Re: [Glorantha]Chronomancy

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 23:16:18 +0000 (GMT)

> >> At the moment they can not move backward, though
> >> they are going to have the chance to learn this
> in
> >> the Hero Wars when many new methodologies become
> >> possible.
> >
> >And it looks as if Belintar will manage this. Sort
> of.
> >Eventually. Though his control doesn't seem to have
> >been all that good.
> Just to satisfy my curiosity, why does it seem that
> Belintar (a miserable creature currently stewing in
> a Lunar Hell which no one but JarEeel can find)
> would manage this?

Because I seem to remember there being certain documentary evidence that that's how he originally arrived. From the future. Leaving notes for himself, which may or may not have been signed "Harshax". Since then, yes, he seems to have run into a few problems :(

> >I wonder just what you could achieve with that?
> The end of the world, in fact, which is actually not
> going to be welcomed by most living beings.

Thought so :)

And I can think of a hero-band or two who would welcome the idea. OK, so they have the delusional idea that they can rebuild it better afterwards...

> Like several of the wonderful tools that are going
> to be offered to the player characters in the Hero
> Wars yet to come, this one provides opportunities
> and vast powers whose use will be more than just
> questionable.

Yeah! I like!

Jane Williams

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