[Glorantha]All the clans of Dragon Pass

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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:47:58 +0000

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>>I'm planning to run a RQ game set at the time of KING OF DRAGON PASS.
>>Not that I'm afraid of altering canon history but I'm looking for any
>>sites or printed sources that provide names of the clans that make up
>>the various tribes. Anywhere I can find the details of any clans that
>>have been worked out/listed?
>While KoDP is an official, licensed product, by definition it's not
>canonical because each game is different! Including which clan names
>are used...

Well, yes naturally. I'm at the moment trying to determine whether basing the storyline on 'official history' or doing something more freeform and more like the computer game would be the path to Maximum Game Fun.

So far I've only found details of the Colymar (from KoS), the Lismelder and by implication from their history some stuff about the Malani.

Michael Cule

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