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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:24:51 EST

Hello Friends

sorry for this interruption.=20

"Tradetalk # 13 - Outside Genertela: The Islands" is OUT!

"Tradetalk # 14 - Outside Genertela: The Southern Continent" is in layout.=20

Time to speak about future Tradetalk issues!

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS! We plan to collect articles for (and edit) two isues parallel. We are not=20 sure which one will be published first, ... :-)

Tradetalk # X - Heroes, Herobands & Cults

For this issue we would like to get:=20
a) descriptions of heroes (not capital h heroes), for use as narrator=20 characters or ready to start characters.=20 b) herobands! Everything you can imagine.=20 c) Cults or Subcults you have created

Some additional comments:=20
- Everything should be usable in the settings of Dragon Pass, Lunar Empire,=20 Prax or Holy Country!
- We DON=B4T want to get heroes, herobands or cults that are copyright by=20 Issaries Inc. or may be published by Issaries Inc. in the near future.=20

Tradetalk # Y - The noncivilised West

For this issue we would like to get:=20
Everything for use in the lands of the west that is outside the civilised=20 parts (outside Seshnela and Loskalm):=20 a) Descritions of Safelster city states, the barbarian lands of Fronela, non= =20
seshnegi lands of Seshnela... etc

b) Narrator characters and herobands from that regions.=20
c) Stories!
d) Scenario ideas for Heortling or Lunar characters in the west would be nic=

If you want to contribute something, please contact me ASAP.=20


Editor of Tradetalk


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