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From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 08:46:23 -0800 (PST)

> Waha and Tada are different people. Waha is not an
> incarnation of Tada. Opinions differ on whether
> Jaldon is an incarnation of Tada or Waha.

That's what I mean. They are different, but their myths got mixed-up (Raven) in some Jaldon related event so that it is now difficult to distinguish what one did from what the other does.

> Most
> people
> believe he is an incarnation of Waha, which gets
> around the strictures of the peace Waha made with
> Pavis.

Of course. Since Pavis' attempt was somewhat thwarted up, the Praxian response (the first Waha magician who incarnated Jaldon to sack Pavis City in opposition to the Oath of Peace Waha agreed to) is jammed too.

> I doubt he was questing to become Tada. Praxians
> range from conservative all the way to reactionary.
> Questing to incarnate Tada would be doubly difficult
> because (a) Waha didn't do it and (b) Tada's not an
> ancestor.

(are you sure Tada is not an ancestor??? Your comment below seems to imply another option; see my comment)

Yes but Raven is a possible explanation anyway.  

> > the order is not important, but IMO Whitebull is
> the
> > intended original anti Pavis (or accepting Pavis)
> > leader _without_ Tada (who is dead) and without
> > Raven.

White Bull spirit is connected to the Harmony prophecy and even Pavis "strove" for Harmony. According to the first Jaldon, maybe White Bull was intended to pass as part of the harmony and so trick Pavis' Oath in allowing the United Tribes to enter the City. But the trickster got tricksted since he didn't find White Bull, but a crazed Half Oasis people-Half Praxian hero of old: Jaldon.  

> Argrath Whitebull was all about throwing out the
> Outlanders, including the ground men who hide in
> Paragua's Land-inside-the-Walls. But it would be a
> mistake to define him solely in the context of
> Pavis,
> which is, in the grander scheme of things, just an
> isolated little slum in the middle of an open plain
> where horses dare not go.

It depends what does the conquest or ravage of Pavis City means to the plan AW is going to fulfill. It may be a little station, but defended by the Lunar Empire or defiled by post Youf Sartarites, it could spoil the entire Quest of AW.

> I think the White Bull has little to do with Pavis.
> It has more to do with the end of an age and
> averting
> a great doom.


> I don't think Tada is exactly Genert's son, but
> Praxians might think so. His title means "Queen's
> Champion," which may imnply a different
> relationship.

Have you read Wilbur Smith the Seventh Papyrus and The God of the River?
There the Pharaoh Mamose dies without sons (Genert in my analogy). Then her young Queen (Eiritha) drives the people away from the avenging Hyksos (Devil) lead by a betraying relative of the Royal Family (Ragnaglar) and her Champion (Tada) becomes her lover generating the next heir to Mamose Dinasty.
The fictionary tale told by Wilbur Smith vaguely reports the end of the Middle Kingdom and the advent of the New Kingdom of Egypt.
There is an obscure relationship (incestuous? adulterine?) between the New Kingdom Dinasty and the Middle Kingdom Dinasties in RW ancient Egypt history. In such a situation you could easily find analogies to justify a Urox/Storm Bull Wind coming from the west for kin reasons but initiating his own New Kingdom: the Praxian Age, the age of Waha, son of Storm Bull and of Eiritha.
At the west of Egypt there is Lybia (animal Riders: have you seen Osprey Camel Riders fighting Egyptians?) and at the south there is Nubia from where the Egyptians took mercenary black-skinned forces to fight their wars. Agimori?

Maybe my analogy is completely false, but I have not found something really better to portray ancient Prax culture than these sort of sources.


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