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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_timellis.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:42:52 +0000

>From the Heroquest-RPG list

>Arkat qualified for the Solar Hell, but where did Harmast
>get Talor from?

Funnily enough I'd been thinking about this just before reading this message - also the fact that the current thinking is that you can only perform a quest once, and Harmast had already performed the LBQ to fetch Arkat.

So, I thought, what really happened when Arkat decided he'd had enough of fighting with/for the Heortlings and decided to go and be a Troll instead? Maybe the beleaguered Orlanthi turned on Harmast, blaming him for failing to fetch them a saviour, and sending him back west to try again. Rather than all that nasty going to hell lark, Harmast just stopped off in Fronela and recruited Talor (Who was probably only laughing at pulling the wool over the eyes of all those dumb barbarians...)

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